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Exclusive travel – with Porsche and Lufthansa

Porsche and Lufthansa First Class share a love of quality and luxury of the highest standard. In partnership with the legendary sportscar manufacturer, Lufthansa is now able to offer its First Class and Private Jet passengers and HON Circle Members the opportunity to shorten their transfer time at the airport in first-class style: with ‘Porsche First Class Excitement’. An exceptional travel experience above the clouds continues with another on the open road.

As long-established companies, Lufthansa and Porsche are both members of Germany’s exclusive ‘Meisterkreis’. Founded in 2012, this group unites more than 50 companies, individuals and institutions that stand for a culture of excellence in Germany. A culture that pursues perfection and innovation, values diversity and recognises the economic and cultural significance of industry – on the international stage as much as at home.

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