Lufthansa First Class

Enjoy every moment on board First Class, because time is precious

Step on board – and you will feel completely at ease straight away. Because everything is simply first-class; because every detail is designed to meet your personal requirements. Whether you want to sleep, relax or do some work, the conditions are ideal. Timelessly elegant design, top-quality materials and a pleasant lighting design indulge all your senses. Every moment belongs to you because sound insulation and a screen shield your valuable privacy. And this First Class travel experience above the clouds is given its final exquisite touch by the personal care and attention of the flight crew.

Lufthansa First Class

The most comfortable seat imaginable

The best seat position is always the one in which you feel the most comfortable – which is why, in the Lufthansa First Class seats, you will enjoy ergonomic comfort that adjusts to your needs. By using the intuitive controls you will quickly find your preferred seat setting. And feel free to ask a flight attendant if you would like to rest or sleep: on request they will transform your seat into a two-metre-long bed with a comfortable mattress topper and temperature-regulating duvet.

Lufthansa First Class

Refreshingly first-class details

Even after a long intercontinental flight you want to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed. That’s why we provide you with an exclusive amenity kit and a selection of top-quality toiletries in our spaciously laid-out First Class washrooms. Small details that create refreshing moments and round off your first-class travel experience in a most agreeable way.


Lufthansa First Class

First Class standards of the individual aircraft types

First Class on the B747-8
First Class on the B747-8 First Class on the A380-800 First Class on the A340-600, A340-300 and A330-300

Our newest First Class on the Boeing 747-8 offers you something special. The distinctive curvature of the aircraft’s fuselage produces fascinating views: from the forward seats you can almost look straight ahead in the direction of flight. In First Class in our B747-8 fleet a pleasantly peaceful ambience combines with the greatest comfort: you can look forward to a cabin layout that is harmonious in every detail.

The Boeing 747-8 First Class in detail
  • Even more peace and quiet – for even more relaxation: innovative sound insulation techniques have been used in the aircraft’s outer skin and to reduce the noise of footfall. Soundproof cabin curtains and natural light create an ambience of well-being.
  • An individual and flexibly adjustable screen provides the appropriate amount of privacy.
  • When you want to sit back and relax in your seat, the independently adjustable backrest and footrest and the moveable ottoman provide the greatest comfort.
  • On request a flight attendant will convert your ergonomic First Class seat into a proper two-metre-long bed by pressing a few buttons. A comfortable mattress topper, temperature-regulating duvet and fine-quality bed linen also contribute to your good night’s sleep.
  • Whichever position you choose to sit or lie in, the flexible reading lamp and an intelligent lighting concept always provide the ideal conditions for reading in comfort.
  • Additional hand luggage can be stored in your personal, lockable wardrobe in the First Class entrance area.
  • If you are looking for a little distraction, dip into the extensive Lufthansa Media World entertainment programme – using the remote control with integrated games console.
  • A large table which can be moved along the entire length of the seat provides ample space for storage and the ideal conditions for you to work on board if you wish.

Peace redefined – thanks to the separated position in the forward main deck and innovative sound insulation.

Unmistakeably First Class – harmoniously aligned to the aircraft type: giving you space to relax in stylish surroundings.

The eight spacious and individually adjustable seats will impress you with their perfect ergonomics.

Lufthansa First Class

A uniformly excellent First Class standard

It goes without saying that you ought to be able to enjoy the newest generation of First Class on every aircraft in our long-haul fleet.


Lufthansa Private Jet

Lufthansa Private Jet: enjoy
the greatest ease and flexibility

With Lufthansa Private Jet you can experience the freedom of being able to fly to almost anywhere within Europe or North America at a time of your choosing. In cooperation with NetJets – the market leader in private aviation – we offer you a fleet of the most modern private jets which are available up to 10 hours before departure. All that matters is your personal timetable. Every flight takes you directly to your destination.

On board you will enjoy services tailored wholly to your individual wishes and at selected departure and destination airports you can use our exclusive Lufthansa Lounges or partner lounges. Thanks to our VIP service on the ground, you will be able to board your jet quickly and discreetly. Welcome to the world of Lufthansa Private Jet.

Lufthansa Private Jet

Our fleet: perfect moments of peace

With Lufthansa Private Jet’s available fleet you can fly to a wide variety of destinations in Europe, the Russian Federation, North Africa and North America. Your wishes alone dictate the choice of suitable aircraft. For shorter trips or flights within Europe or North America our small-size, mid-size and large-size category business jets are available to you; for long-haul flights across the oceans we recommend our long-range category jets. There is one thing that all our private jets have in common: you will travel in the quietest and most exclusive way.

Your benefits at a glance
  • You will fly with two qualified pilots who hold the same certifications as Lufthansa captains and in the most modern NetJets aircraft that meet the highest safety standards.
  • We offer you a limousine transfer service at our Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Zurich hubs. You can also book this service as an additional option at all departure and destination airports.
  • You will enjoy exclusive VIP service at our Lufthansa hubs in North America.
  • As the lead passenger on the flight you will receive at least 10,000 award, status or HON Circle miles. Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members also receive the 25% Executive Bonus on their mileage credit.
  • You can also use your Lufthansa Private Jet flight as a direct connecting or feeder flight to a Lufthansa or SWISS First Class intercontinental flight in Europe or North America on very attractive terms.
  • For flights within Europe, separate security, passport and customs checks are arranged on the ground.
  • In Europe you will receive a standard Lufthansa First Class ticket for your flight and in North America a Lufthansa First Class Receipt. Both of these can be conveniently invoiced as travel expenses.
  • The Lufthansa Private Jet Service Team will coordinate the entire flight on your behalf and are available to answer any questions you may have about Lufthansa Private Jet.

Lufthansa Private Jet

Which Lufthansa Private Jet meets your requirements?

Small size, e.g. Embraer Phenom 300
Small size, e.g. Embraer Phenom 300 Mid size, e.g. the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS Large size, e.g. the Dassault Falcon 2000/2000 EX Long range, e.g. the Gulfstream G550

Small size, e.g. Embraer Phenom 300

- Modern ambience
- Comfortable cabin with plenty of headroom
- Latest entertainment
- Carries up to seven passengers
- Typical route: Zurich–London

Interior seating length 4.50 m
Cabin length 5.24 m
Cabin height 1.49 m
Baggage volume 2.09 m²*
Passenger capacity 7


Performance characteristics
Max. range 2,718 km
Max. flying time 3.6 hours
Max. cruise speed 830 km/h

* Should you wish to take more baggage with you, please contact our Lufthansa Private Jet Service Team before your departure.

Lufthansa Private Jet

meets fixed price

The price of your Lufthansa Private Jet journey is calculated on the basis of flight hours. Almost all charges and flight services are already included in the attractive fixed price – and your fellow passengers fly free of charge. Extra charges may be incurred outside the primary flight zones in Europe and North America and these will be invoiced separately. The Lufthansa Private Jet Service Team will be happy to provide you with detailed information at any time.

Lufthansa First Class

Michelin-star-standard delicacies

A delicious meal – elegantly arranged on fine china tableware. An unusual wine known only to connoisseurs. Moments of culinary pleasure provide special high points in the world of First Class travel. That is why, on selected intercontinental flights, top chefs create real delicacies for you. The caviar service is as much a part of our First Class service as the iconic red rose. Your meal is complemented by an award-winning wine programme that is given an inspirational touch by world champion sommelier Markus Del Monego.

Lufthansa First Class

World-class ‘Vinothek Discoveries’

Passengers can choose from four red wines and four white wines from the world’s most popular wine-producing regions. New wines are available every month, something that many First Class passengers have appreciated over the years. World champion sommelier and Master of Wine, Markus Del Monego, regularly goes looking for very special wines, which he presents to our passengers under the slogan “Off the beaten track”. That’s why a fine red wine and a fine white wine will also appear on the wine list. Our current wine list

Lufthansa First Class

‘Culinary Delights’ above the clouds

Many of the best chefs in the world work in luxury hotels. Thanks to selected cooperation agreements with some of these hotels, our First Class passengers can enjoy the sophisticated pleasure of award-winning cuisine on board too. On long-haul flights from Germany, top chefs with Michelin stars or Gault Millau toques create our ‘Culinary Delights’ menu, with new chefs taking over every two months. If you would like to embark on a culinary voyage of the senses, you will be able to enjoy specialities on board which are a real treat for your taste buds.
Our current top chef

Flexibility à la carte: on First Class flights you decide the time when you would like something to eat.

A classic on First Class flights: our caviar service – served as a separate course on day and evening flights.

There are appropriate complementary options available with some dishes which you can also choose to suit your personal tastes.

Lufthansa Private Jet

Excellent cuisine – refined by your personal preferences

We want you to enjoy every single moment of your journey on board a Lufthansa Private Jet. That applies especially to moments of culinary pleasure – which is why we offer you specially selected food and beverages which you can add to according to your own personal taste. You can even book individual catering as an additional option. We want everything to be just the way you like it.

Lufthansa First Class

Entertainment world: When flight time turns into a great time

Above the clouds – and, if you wish, immersed in the big wide world of entertainment. Our First Class in-flight entertainment programme has been extended once again – we have doubled the number of feature films for example: 100 films are now available in up to eight language options including, in particular, even more films for passengers from the Middle East, India, Japan and China. What is more, there are now 200 TV programmes and an even larger choice of family and child-friendly entertainment available.

Passengers can look forward to even more enjoyment watching TV series thanks to our new box sets which provide a whole season’s viewing. You can also access the latest news, sports highlights and international music magazines as well as information about your flight and about Lufthansa. There is also a wide variety of acoustic options: CDs – with 300 music CDs alone and a superb selection of rock/pop, ‘greatest hits’ and classical music – audio books and more than 30 radio programmes with channels from all around the world.

Lufthansa First Class

When travel and work become one

The aircraft cruises towards your destination – and on board you will find exactly the peace and quiet and services that you need to concentrate on business matters in a confidential atmosphere. Effective sound insulation in the cabin reduces noise to a minimum and the table at your seat provides plenty of space for everything you need. You are separate – and yet connected to the world: a telephone is available for you to use. And you also have FlyNet®: a fast, broadband Internet connection that can be used worldwide*.

* The sole exception to this is when flying over China – the system switches off automatically on entering Chinese airspace and on again on leaving it.

Lufthansa Private Jet

Your requirements
as the measure of all things

You are welcome to let us know what you would like to read on your Lufthansa Private Jet flight. We are happy to ensure that your favorite magazines and newspapers are on board your flight. What is more, you can expect an excellent choice of entertainment and make calls via an SAT-COM satellite on board.

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