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An exhibition provides what its name suggests, INSIGHTS into the work of Mayk Azzato

From February 27 through March 22, 2015, Munich’s KARE Kraftwerk will be inviting the public to view the work of Italian photo artist Mayk Azzato. The exhibition, INSIGHTS by Mayk Azzato, shows several works from the portfolio of the internationally sought-after photographer, including, for the first time ever, the MOVEMENTS photo series, a limited 5-part series of images produced in collaboration with Lufthansa Private Jet.

“MOVEMENTS captures staged moments dealing with the subject of movement,” says Azzato. “My team and I travel to interesting locations. Given Lufthansa’s sponsorship of art and Lufthansa Private Jet’s tenth anniversary, the timing was perfect for the making of this photo series.” The series was produced especially for the INSIGHTS exhibition.

An exclusive pre-opening event will be held on February 26, 2015, to which some 700 guests have been invited – many famous names from the worlds of entertainment, business and art among them. There is an exclusive guest list for this very special evening, to which a limited number of people interested in attending can add their names.


The internationally acclaimed photo artist Mayk Azzato has a long and exciting career to look back on. He discovered his fascination for photography at an early age, growing up with his father, the renowned photojournalist Agostino Azzato. Today he works with top film, music, sports, political and business personalities, including Kevin Costner, Bill Clinton, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Ornella Muti, Snoop Dogg and Vitali Klitschko. Azzato recently began furthering his career as a film director with a short film, THE KEY, which was a winner at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award and at the US International Film & Video Festival. Azzato and Lufthansa regularly work as partners.

Industrial chic on Munich’s Drygalski Allee: KARE Kraftwerk with its 80-meter-high chimneys has become a striking city landmark that can be seen for miles around. Over a period of four years, the former combined heat and power station was transformed into a sensational flagship store by the furniture specialist KARE: Modern elegance is right at home here among the transformers, steel-reinforced concrete and filter ribs of the old days which recall the history of this imposing building.  

KARE Kraftwerk is showing the exhibition INSIGHTS by Mayk Azzato from February 27 through March 29, 2015.

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