Endless highways, endless freedom
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Endless highways, endless freedom

Discover the U.S. Southwest on a Harley Davidson – with Lufthansa First Class and America expert Wolfgang Fierek

Bigger, higher – and above all, wider: If you want to explore the American Southwest, you have put long distances behind you you. The highway appears to endless, the freedom it promises boundless. What better vehicle for such a trip than a roaring Harley Davidson? Actor Wolfgang Fierek has been traveling the United States on his Harley for decades. This makes him the perfect guide for this 13-day tour, which guarantees an authentic Easy Rider experience plus the luxury of an excellent hostelry every night.

The trip begins in Phoenix, Arizona, from where Wolfgang Fierek will accompany you to the most attractive places in a region to which Nature has been more than generous. Canyon Diablo and Canyon de Chelly are the first stops along the way before taking in the amazing sight of the rust-red monoliths of Monument Valley and the colorful plays of light between the narrow walls of Antelope Canyon. Continuing through Zion National Park, you arrive in Las Vegas, from where your tour takes you on to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. At the end of the journey, you bid farewell to your Harley in Scottsdale, an upmarket suburb of Phoenix.

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Grand Canyon
450 kilometers long, up to 30 kilometers wide and up to 1800 meters deep – the Colorado River has carved an stunning canyon out of the rocky bed of the Colorado Plateau. That’s why the Grand Canyon has been called the King of Canyons.

Las Vegas
The local Harley dealer is looking forward to your arrival, and tickets for the Cirque de Soleil have already been reserved. Circe de Soleil started out as a small variety troupe in Montreal in 1982, but its spectacular shows are now world famous.

Monument Valley
The rust-red monoliths of Monument Valley are famous the world over. It has provided the backdrop for an array of western movies as well as key scenes from Easy Rider. Here, jeeps await you for a tour of the Navajo Nation Reservation accompanied by a Navajo guide.

Antelope Canyon
Rust-red rock faces rise steeply on both sides of the Antelope Canyon and in some spots come within just a few meters of each other. When the sun shines straight into the canyon, it creates an impressive spectacle of colors and light.

Route 66
The historic Route 66 runs all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica. Once upon a time, it was possible to cover 4000 kilometers on the legendary highway. Modern expressways have long since sidelined it, but in Arizona the flair of the U.S.A.’s “mother road” lives on. The small town of Seligman is regarded as a true Route 66 original.

Day 1
Flight in First Class on board Lufthansa/United Airlines to Phoenix, Arizona (approx. 15 hours). Arrival in the evening, transfer to your hotel.

Day 2
You get your Harley! Now you have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle.

Day 3
First leg of the bike tour – back roads take you through changing scenery, past the meteorite crater Canyon Diablo and on to the small town of Winslow in Navajo County.

Day 4
Visit to the Canyon de Chelly and the historical Hubbell Trading Post.

Day 5
A jeep tour takes you around the amazing monoliths in Monument Valley.

Day 6
Continue to the small town of Page on Lake Powell and then to Antelope Canyon.

Day 7
Red rocks line the route as you head for your day’s destination, Zion National Park.

Day 8
After following the winding roads through Zion National Park, this day’s leg of the tour takes you to Las Vegas.

Day 9
Visit a Harley dealership in Vegas. On the program in the evening: Cirque du Soleil.

Day 10
Drive to the Hoover Dam and on to the Grand Canyon, stopping off along the way in the small town of Seligman, which is regarded as a true Route 66 original.

Day 11
The final leg of the bike tour: from the Grand Canyon through Red Rock Country to the wealthy Phoenix suburb, Scottsdale.

Day 12
Afternoon transfer to the airport in Phoenix. Return flight to Germany in the First Class with Lufthansa/United Airlines (approx. 13 hours).

Day 13
In the evening: arrival back in Germany.

October 3-15, 2015

Price per person in a double room
21,390 euros including First Class flight and rental motorcycle (tour with at least ten and a maximum of 18 riders).

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