Art and luxury in Miami

Once a year, Miami turns into a mecca for art connoisseurs. The last time around, Mercedes-AMG and Lufthansa First Class co-hosted the ArtHaus, an exclusive luxury lounge event for VIPs, with an exclusive supporting

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Artists, collectors, actors and musicians: In 2014, numerous celebrities attended the SELECT Art Fair in Miami Beach and visited the luxury lounge sponsored by Lufthansa First Class and Mercedes AMG. Popstar Usher, fashion photographer Emin Kadi, star curator Tim Goossens and Mike D. of the Beastie Boys were among those strolling across the red carpet at the opening ceremony, at which New York artist Rashaad Newsome unveiled “Left at the Cloud,” a work specially created for the event.

Newsome is multitalented and works in a remarkable number of different media. He finds photography and film just as fascinating as creating sculptures and sound art, and has even done live performances. In the ArtHaus project “Left at the Cloud” he presented a Mercedes AMG C 63 and a Lufthansa Private Jet plane as a collage.

Miami is virtually bursting with creative energy. Every December, the subtropical metropolis in the U.S. state of Florida celebrates Art Week Miami, a giant art event with roughly 20 art fairs in addition to SELECT.

Art Basel Miami Beach drew the biggest audience last year, with 73,000 visitors viewing and evaluating the work of 4000 artists. This reconfirmed the art fair as one of the most significant in the U.S. But the city’s oldest fair, Art Miami, also impressed visitors with exhibitions by over 125 gallerists.

Smaller fairs set their own accents: Design Miami featured contemporary design and ArtSpot Miami showed art from Latin America. Ink Miami Art was dedicated entirely to artists working with paper. The enormous variety and fine quality of the exhibitions were both very impressive but at times, slightly overwhelming.


The luxurious ArtHaus VIP lounge event provided a welcome respite – as well as a top-notch program. Every day, there were public debates between artists, critics and journalists, as well as parties and dinner events for socializing and having a good time. Almost every evening, a new work of art was unveiled, including two further creations by Rashaad Newsome. At the close of the fair, “Left at the Cloud” was auctioned off to the highest bidder, and the proceeds went to benefit social projects in Kenya.

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